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 Revised: April 6, 2009

1.14.4. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP   Term of Office. The term of office for an elected member of the Senate shall be three (3) years with the exception that:

A.   The term of the president &/or vice president shall be automatically extended for up to three (3) years to ensure uninterrupted progression into past president. At the end of this extended term of office, the affected school, college, or academic unit shall elect a senator to complete any remaining years of the normal term.   Representation. Each college, school, or equivalent academic unit with its own faculty shall be entitled to elect three (3) Senators. Additional Senate members shall be elected by and within the various colleges, schools or equivalent academic units in the following manner:

A.     A college, school or equivalent academic unit shall be entitled to one additional representative for every twenty-five (25) faculty members. The number of senators eligible shall be determined from the records of the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the beginning of each Spring Semester. In cases where new Senate representation is awarded to a college, school or academic unit, the Senate may determine with the consent of a simple majority of the unit's senators to utilize staggered terms. Terms of the new senators then would initially be established by drawing lot for terms of one, two, and three years, as appropriate.

B.    The University Libraries shall be entitled to elect at least one (1) senator.

  • 1. Any college, school or equivalent academic unit organized after the adoption of this constitution shall attain Senate representation in the first Senate election following its organization.

  • 2. By two-thirds vote of those present at any regularly scheduled meeting, the Senate may grant senatorial representation to divisions or academic units not covered in this section. If a college, school or academic unit loses faculty so as to affect Senate representation, the first position to become vacant will not be filled.

1.14.3.  Elections.

  • 1. Elections shall be held each year by secret ballot prior to the first meeting of the Senate in the Fall term. The term of office shall begin with the first Senate meeting in the Fall.

  • 2. Elections shall be supervised and conducted by the Committee on Faculty Elections or by senator(s) that the committee designates. The rules and regulations stated in the Senate By-Laws will be followed. (See By-Laws


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