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1.4.6. ARTICLE V

Revised: April 7, 2014


1.4.6. ARTICLE V: Faculty Senate Committees 
As noted in the By-Laws, the Senate shall establish committees to study and make reports on matters of concern to the University faculty. Committees created by the Senate become committees of the Senate, receive their authority from the Senate, and shall report their findings and make their recommendations to the Senate.  Policies and Procedures of Senate Committees.
Senate Committees shall not act independently of the Senate, and all accomplishments of these committees shall be presented to the Senate for consideration. Committee work shall be done as a body and not as individual members of the committee. Actions taken shall be those of the committee as a whole representing a majority vote. Minority reports and recommendations may be submitted to the Senate if desired by dissenting committee members. A majority of the committee membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business of the committee.  Standing Committees.
The Standing Committees of the Senate shall be the Executive Committee and such other committees as are identified in the By-Laws. The Executive Committee shall appoint members to the standing Senate committees according to the procedures established in the By-Laws. The Senate standing committees shall be maintained at full membership and shall file reports in writing with the secretary of the Senate at least seven (7) workdays prior to the last regularly scheduled meeting of the academic year.   The Composition of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following members:

  1. The officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Operating Officer
  2. The immediate past president of the Senate
  3. TBR Sub-council representative
  4. Three At-Large members who shall be elected by the Senate from its membership by secret ballot each year after the new members of the Senate are seated. No At-Large member shall be elected to the Executive Committee from a single college, school or equivalent academic unit that already has more than two (2) voting members. 
  5. Ex-officio members: Webmaster;  President Emeriti who are current members of Faculty Senate


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