Executive Branch

According to Article II of the SGA Constitution, all executive powers of the Student Government Association shall be vested in a President, who shall be assisted by a Vice President and a Secretary Treasurer. These officers are elected by the student body in April of each academic year for the following academic year.

Additionally, Article II of the SGA Constitution states that the President will appoint a cabinet to assist in the execution of his/her duties. A description of each cabinet member's job responsibilities can be found in the SGA Constitution and Code of Laws. Cabinet members are usually appointed at the beginning of the school year, and, if vacancies arise, during the school year.

2016-2017 Executive Branch
Vice President: 
Cabinet Members

Chief Justice: 

Secretary of Interior:  

Secretary of Exterior:  

Secretary of State: 

Secretary of Allocations: 

Attorney General:

Chief of Staff:

Cabinet member job descriptions are found in the SGA Constitution.

If you are interested in being appointed to any cabinet vacancies that may arise, you should complete the online application form available under Forms in the left hand navigation on this page.

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