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Student Government Association

East Tennessee State University

About the Court
According to Article IV of the SGA Constitution, the purpose of the Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association shall be to provide fair and just treatment relating to cases involving either violation of university regulations or infringements upon students rights over which it has authority from the university; to recommend appropriate measures for those found guilty.

In all cases, due process shall be observed.

The Judiciary of East Tennessee State University, in conjunction with the Student Government Association, shall consist of the following components:

  • A. The University Judicial committee shall be the highest court authorized by the University President.
  • B. The Student Court shall be the highest court within the student judicial system, and has appellate jurisdiction to the lower courts.
  • C. The Residence Hall Association Judicial Board and the Greek Judicial Board shall be the lower courts in the student judicial system.

The Student Court is comprised of the SGA Chief Justice, appointed by the SGA President, and 7 associate justices. It shall have original jurisdiction in all cases involving the Student Government Constitution or Code of Laws and violations thereof, campus organizations, student elections and any other cases deemed appropriate by the Assistant Dean of Students.

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