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Online Training for New Employees, Executive Aides, Leadership and other useful training sessions.

Skillsoft Information

Instructor Lead Training
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat
iCloud Storage
Adobe Photoshop
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Employee Development Center
Ongoing Classes & Scheduled Classes


This program is designed to help the new employee's spouse/partner in networking and locating employment opportunities in the Tri-Cities area. While employment is not guaranteed nor is this program a placement or employment agency, the Dual Career Assistance Program will do everything possible to contribute to the success of dual career couples. By providing spouses/partners with the tools and information resources needed to support their search for suitable employment, regardless of the career stage of the spouse/partner, the program can be an important benefit to the dual career couple.
Dual Career Assistance Program

Job search, interactive web site.
Welcome to eJobs at East Tennessee State University!


Handy Spreadsheet with Business Name, Address, Phone Number and Amount of Discount.
Area Discounts

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Mental Health

The purpose of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to provide consultation and referral for employees and their eligible family members who are experiencing personal problems which are likely to impact work performance and/or personal well-being.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Discounts, Credit Union, Home Mortgage and Saving Bonds



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