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Tau Sigma was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999, with Auburn University being the home of the first chapter.  At that time, Auburn University was becoming increasingly aware of the significant number of Transfers on campus as well as the University’s inability to adequately serve them.  Tau Sigma was born out of Auburn University’s desire to improve its service to and recruiting and retention of Transfer Students.

Today, over 60 other Universities have established or are currently establishing Tau Sigma chapters in their efforts to improve the services that they provide to their Transfer Student population. Although Tau Sigma is a relatively young organization, many members in all parts of the country have become active at their Universities, participating in such activities as on-campus recruiting events for prospective Transfer Students, Transfer Student orientation, community service projects, assisting the Admissions Office with the recruitment of prospective Transfers at Junior Colleges, and participating in intramural sports and socials that allow them opportunities to fellowship with one another and create new friendships. 

 tau sigma initiates spring 2013

                                       Spring 2013 Tau Sigma Initiates                                                      


Brandy Anders Megan Earls Rebecca Johnson
Ian Baeske Ashley Gentry Hannah Jones
Tyler Bales Raven Gibson Katherine Justus
Veronica Bucci Judith Gichia Morgen Marshall
Emily Call Tracy Greene Sierra Nelson
Farrah Carter Epi Grout Michael Sandelier
Joseph Clark Douglas Hall Jeffery Seeley
Donna Coffey Jennifer Houser Robert Thompson

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Recognizing and Promoting the Academic Excellence and Involvement of Transfer Students

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