Trail Maps


ETSU University Woods and Trail System is 5 mile stretch of hiking, running, and mountain biking trails on the ETSU campus. The trails can be accessed from parking lot 13 off of Southwest Avenue and from behind the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

Click Here for a map of the trail and mountain bike trail system.

Listed Below are guidelines for using the trail system:

  • Fires and camping is not permitted.

  • Closed from dusk till dawn.

  • Motorized & gas-powered vehicles or equipment is not permitted.

  • Be alert for other users on the trail.

  • Please do not pick up any plants or animals.

  • All other campus regulations and policies are still enforced.

  • Practice the Leave No Trace ethic.

If you see any vandalism or inappropriate use, please contact Public Safety.
Public Safety numbers:
From cell phone:
Emergency Call Box @ parking lot 13

For more information or to volunteer for trail projects, please contact Campus Recreation at:

Phone: 423-439-7980