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Adventure Trips

The ETSU Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventure (OA) program offers a variety of outdoor activities, trips, and skill clinics.  We are committed to providing enjoyable, challenging, and affordable programs that allow participants to learn skills necessary to safely enjoy the outdoors.  Our goal is that these experiences will develop attitudes and behaviors that foster connectedness to the environment, the Earth, and to one another. 

Trip Philosophy  – Activities are based on a common adventure philosophy – “to achieve an enjoyable and worthwhile experience while displaying the greatest respect for the environment.” The common adventure is a group experience and group effort.  Although non-structured “down-time” will be provided on longer trips, individuals are expected to participate in all activities and at times may be asked to make group needs a priority over personal needs. 

T.I.P.S. – Trip Information and Planning Sessions (T.I.P.S.) prepare participants by familiarizing them with equipment, route descriptions, activity schedule, menu planning, skill development and other pertinent pre-trip planning and preparation activities.  Unless prior arrangements are made with the program coordinator, attendance at T.I.P.S.  is required for participants. 

Code of Conduct  – Participants in Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventure activities are expected to adhere to and are subject to “Institutional Student Disciplinary Rules” as described in the ETSU Student Handbook.   Trip participants are expected to act and serve as representatives of the university when participating in OA trips off campus. 

Outdoor Ethics  – In order to minimize our impact on natural resources and fragile habitats, program activities will practice “Leave No Trace Principles and Ethics” for trip planning and decision-making

Outdoor Adventure Spring 2017 Trip Schedule




Registration Deadline

Thursday, Jan. 26th Beech Mountain Snow Shuttle $5 Jan. 26th at 4pm
Thurs, Feb. 2nd  Beech Mountain Snow Shuttle $5 Feb. 2nd at 4pm
Thursday, Feb. 9th White Rock Cliff Moon Light Hike $5 Feb. 9th at 4pm
Thursday, Feb. 16th Beech Mountain Snow Shuttle $5 Feb. 16th at 4pm
Saturday, Feb. 18th Unaka Mountain Day Hike $10 Feb. 16th at 4pm
Thursday, Feb. 23rd Beech Mountain Snow Shuttle $5 Feb. 23rd at 4pm
Monday, March. 13th White Rocks Cliff Moon Light Hike $5 Mar. 13th at 4pm
Friday, Mar 24-26 Congaree National Park Canoe Camping Trip $40 Mar. 23rd at 4pm
Saturday, Apr. 1st Carvers Gap Day Hike $10 Mar. 29th at 4pm
Satruday, Apr. 7-8 Big Laurel Branch Wilderness Overnight Backpacking $30 Apr. 5th at 4pm
Friday, Apr. 21-23 New River Wild and Scenic River Canoeing $40 Apr. 20th at 4pm


All trips have a maximum and minimum participant requirement. 

You can sign register for these trips by visiting the Member Services Desk in the CPA. We only accept cash, check or ID BUCS.

All equipment reqiuired for the activity is provided by Campus Recretation.  Rental gear (e.g. sleeping bags, tents, rain gear, water bottles, etc.) and food on multiday trips is included in the cost of the trip.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Most events and trips presented by the Outdoor Adventure program require prior registration.

Get information about Outdoor Adventure Trips by visiting the Member Services desk at the Basler Center for Physical Activity or call ETSU Campus Recreation at 423.439.7980.





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