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Why Should You Choose ETSU Students and Alumni?

East Tennessee State University is a strong regional university that has developed excellent, accredited academic programs while remaining accessible to students of Northeastern Tennessee and surrounding states.  Named a “Best Southeastern College” by the Princeton Review, ETSU attracts students nationally and enrolls a significant number of international students.  The total student body is comprised of 50% traditional college-age students and 50% returning, adult students.

ETSU is vital to the regional economy and a major source of human capital for employers. Many students choose to remain in the area after they graduate, contributing the knowledge and skills they have developed to employers in the region.  That adds value, because well-educated workers living in the geographic area they have chosen provide a stable workforce prepared to make lasting contributions to the future of their company or organization.

Of course, many graduates also choose to relocate.  Alumni data indicates that ETSU graduates have established successful careers across the United States and in international locations.  We encourage all employers, regardless of location, to look closely at the many high-demand skill sets represented by the variety of majors and concentrations offered at East Tennessee State University.

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Campus-Based Services

Employers may reserve facilities for information programs, a professional office for conducting interviews, a table at an ETSU career fair, or discuss other specific requests.  For CCN and office services assistance, please call Ruth Wilbanks at (423) 439-4441.

  • CCN  (College Central Network) at ETSU - A web-based job listing resource for employers, students, and alumni. 

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         For additional information, please email: or call Ruth Wilbanks at (423) 439-4441)

  • Information Sessions: University Career Services will assist in planning and reservation of appropriate facilities from a booth in the Culp Student Center to a room for an evening program.
  • On-campus Recruiting :  Our University Career Services Office facilities include two offices that are available for student interviews during each day that classes are in session.  Just contact the office to request the dates and times you prefer.  We will publicize your interview schedule, contact appropriate academic departments, collect resumes and schedule interested students to meet with you.
  • Career Fairs :  Career Fairs offer employers the opportunity to make their organization visible on campus.  They offer a professional setting in which to meet and recruit qualified students.  Please e -mail: or call Ruth Wilbanks at (423) 439-4441) to make reservations.

  • Internships and Co-op Services : Phone: (423) 439-5388, Fax: (423) 439-6489
    , Assistant Director - Internships and Cooperative Education
    Executive Aide - Internships and Cooperative Education
Getting Started

All staff members in University Career Services welcome employer questions, requests, and  the opportunity to help you connect with ETSU students and alumni.  As with all business relationships, we can do that more effectively if we understand your specific needs, your business and the community in which you are based.  Please feel free to visit our office in the Culp Student Center at ETSU, or invite us to visit you on-site.  Whether you are a long-term employer of ETSU graduates or just want to explore ways in which we can work together, contact David Magee, Director at (423) 439-4450. We look forward to hearing from you.