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University Career Services manages Internship Programs for several academic departments at East Tennessee State University. The purpose of our internship program is to provide learning and training opportunities for students, outside the classroom and laboratory, as they work toward graduation and transition to the labor market. Internship experiences provide unique opportunities for partnerships between organizations and East Tennessee State University. Please contact our office to discuss how we may serve your internship needs.

Submitting Your Internship Request

All employers must provide the internship program with a job description that includes:

  1. A brief description of the organization.
  2. Decide the academic major(s) you need at your organization.
  3. A paragraph or two detailing the basic duties, minimum qualifications, and preferred skills of the student.
  4. The academic levels of students you seek (sophomores – graduate students).
  5. The hourly wages you expect to pay (or range of pay) or if a volunteer.
  6. Employers must declare from the following brackets the hours students will work, on
    average, per week, the full semester.

    10 – 19 work hours = 1 academic credit hour
    20 – 29 work hours = 2 academic credit hours
    30 – 40 work hours = 3 academic credit hours

  Internship Processing

  • Once the Internship staff receives your job description, the job description is sent
    to the dean or department head of the academic major you are requesting.
  • The dean or department head reviews the job description for academically related content and returns the job description to our staff for advertising and processing of student credentials.
  • The approved job description is advertised on our website under the specific major(s) requested; it is also announced in classes by designated faculty, and is posted on bulletin boards in academic departments.

Review current and approved internships.

, Internship Coordinator
Phone: (423) 439-5388, Fax: (423) 439-6489

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