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 When should I register with University Career Services?

We encourage students to register with University Career Services as soon as they begin classes. If you register early, you will be familiar with all of your available career services, and have a current resume to help you search for employment opportunities.  You can also talk with employers at our job fairs.

How do I register with University Career Services?

Career registration is done through CCN and is available for students and alumni.

How, when and where do I go to find an internship?

Internships are available Fall, Spring and Summer semesters on our web site at Internships.  Some internships pay a salary and all are for academic credit. Opportunities open will be listed on our web site.

Can I get information about starting salaries in my major?

This information is available in the Career Resources link on this web-site.

Is it possible to participate in internship and take classes?

Yes, Most students take classes while participating in internship. However, many students who are working 30-40 hours per week choose not to take classes.

Do I have to sign-up (register) and pay for internship credit?

Yes. internship are for academic credit.  These credits, and course numbers, show on your transcript records.

When should I begin the process of establishing an internship placement file?

Depending on your college guidelines, you may begin as early as your sophomore or junior year.

How do I find out about internship opportunities?

Internship placement opportunities are posted in our office, in certain academic departments, on our departmental web site, and on CCN

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