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About the Campus Alcohol and Drug Program


The Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Program (AOD) is dedicated to helping individuals make healthy lifestyles choices with regard to alcohol and other drugs by:

  • Providing accurate and reliable information about alcohol and other drugs
  • Promoting responsible use
  • Raising awareness of alcohol & other drug issues
  • Offering compassionate and confidential consultation and referral for students with concerns about alcohol & other drug use
  • Supporting recovery from substance use disorders

In addition the Campus AOD Program supports ongoing research into the nature and scope of alcohol and drug abuse on campus, and works with a variety of other departments to develop and implement consistent and fair policies and procedures as they relate to alcohol & other drugs.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Campus AOD Program or you if wish to talk to someone about an alcohol or drug use issue, please feel free to contact us.


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Watch this 30-minute video, and learn to drink safely!


National Alcohol Screening Day

April 6, 2017

Contact Us

Jesse Henderson, NCC

ETSU AOD Outreach

Program Coordinator

AOD Outreach Programs

  • CHOICES (Alcohol Education)
  • Balanced Living (Stress Management and and Brief Alcohol Education)
  • Sober Sex (Alcohol Education and Sexual Violence Prevention)
  • The Harm Reduction Approach to Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Stress Management

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