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Career Development Assignments

Our office has worked with instructors who are interested in helping their students engage in the career development process. We have arranged assignments in which students are required to attend appointments in the Career Exploration Center to complete the Sigi3 assessments. Other instructors have also chosen to assign students to complete the assessments online via eSigi. Afterwards we are available to attend the class for a presentation pertaining to the career planning process.

We are willing to work with instructors to create assignments for their courses based upon what we have done previously. Additionally we are open to exploring new ways to meet the needs of instructors and their courses.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Presentations

Our staff members are happy to provide presentations that explain the dimensions of the Myers-Briggs personality types. Our goal is to help students understand their individual personality type as well as how it relates to career choices.

Career Planning Presentations

We recognize that the process of choosing a career path is very complex. We are glad to attend classes to present a model of career decision-making to students that may help them in identifying an academic major or career path.

Transfer and First-time Student Orientation Workshops

Our office provides the "Finding a Major, Finding a Career, Finding a Job" workshop in collaboration with ETSU University Career Services. This workshop highlights the career development resources available at ETSU to transfer and first-time students.

If you are interested in providing any of these presentations to your students, please feel free to contact us at the Career Exploration Center for more information!


Career Exploration Center Staff:

Coordinator: Davis Smith
Graduate Assistants: Hannah Clark and Nathan Boyett


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