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OASIS information is meant to be educational in nature and to help increase dialogue and discussion about this important topic. Refer to ETSU’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy for specific ETSU policy information.


National Sexual Assault Hotline  800-656-HOPE

National Domestic Violence Hotline  800-799-7233

National Center for Victims of Crime – Stalking Resource Center  800-FYI-CALL (304-2255)

Gay and Lesbian National Hotline  800-THE-GLNH (843-4564)

Safe Passage Domestic Violence Shelter, Johnson City TN  24-Hour Hotline 423-926-7233

Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee 24 Hour Hotline 865-522-7273


Take Back the Night

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

Love is Respect

Silent Witness National Initiative

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Men Can Stop Rape

Room to Be Safe

To Become a Teacher

The Red Flag Campaign

Local Community

Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee - 423-202-6427

Safe Passage Domestic Violence Shelter - 423-232-8920 (Office)

Safe House Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence - 423-246-2273

Abuse Alternatives - 423-764-2287

The Shepherd's Inn Shelter - 423-542-0180

Salvation Army - 423-246-6671

Inter-Faith Hospitality Network - 423-246-6500 

Sex Positive


Planned Parenthood Health Topics

The Body

Lending Library


  • Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex, & Power in music video
  • Dying to Be Thin
  • Flirting with Danger
  • Generation M: Misogyny in Media & Culture
  • Hip-Hope:Beyond Beats & Rhymes
  • Kiling Us Softly 4
  • Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies, & Alcohol
  • The Glass House
  • The Line
  • The Price of Pleasure
  • Tough Guise: Violence, Media, & the Crisis in Masculinity
  • Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood, & American Culture


  • Against Our Will: Men, Women, & Rape- Susan Brownmiller
  • Getting Off - Jamye Waxman
  • Girls & Sex - Peggy Orenstein
  • Healing Rage - Ruth King
  • I Never Called it Rape - Robin Warshaw
  • Life Without Ed - Jenni Shaefer
  • Men & Rape: Theory, Research, & Prevention Programs in Higher Education - Alan Berkowitz
  • Missoula - Jon Krakauer
  • Stop Domestic Violence: An action plan for saving lives - Brown, Dubau & McKeon
  • Surviving Domestic Violence - Elaine Weiss
  • Talking Back to Sexual Pressure - Elizabeth Bowell
  • The Beauty Myth - Naomi Wolf
  • The Courage to Heal - Bass & Davis
  • The Good Body - Eve Ensler
  • The Vagina Monologues - Eve Ensler
  • Transforming a Rape Culture - Buchwald, Fletcher & Roth
  • Unexpected Allies; Men Who Stop Rape - Todd Denney
  • Voices of Courage - Michael Domitrz


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