For Faculty and Staff

The Counseling Center offers a number of services for faculty and staff including:

Consultation:  Faculty and staff are often the first people that students go to when they are distressed.  Our staff is here to help you in handling such situations. Whether you are looking for advice on dealing with a student’s behavior or seeking direction on how to get students the help they might need, our clinical staff is happy to provide assistance.  Contact us at our office and ask to speak to a counselor.

Presentations: Our staff frequently goes to classrooms, residence halls, or other settings to present on mental health topics.  Presentations currently available:

  • Stress Management
  • Stress Management/Brief Alcohol Education
  • Dealing with the Distressed Student
  • Dealing with the Disruptive Student
  • Suicide and Violence Prevention
  • Choices (Alcohol & Other Drug Education)
  • A Harm Reduction Approach to Substance Use Disorders
  • Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Ask the Sexpert
  • Sober Sex (Sexual Assault and Alcohol Education)
  • LBGTQ Awareness
  • MBTI and Personality
  • Personal Values Exploration and Decision Making
  • Career Planning: Finding a Major and a Career that Fits
  • Friendmatch

If you would like to schedule an evening or weekend presentation we require a commitment of 25 participants (evening) and 50 participants (weekends).

Referrals: Although we only provide counseling services to ETSU students, we can help faculty and staff find appropriate services in the community.  Employees may also contact the Office of Human Resources (439-5825).

To schedule a presention, please contact our office or email our outreach coordinator, with the following information:
  • Name of presentation requested
  • Date and time for presentation
  • Location of program
  • Intended audience (include the expected number of participants)
  • Purpose or goals of presentation

A 30-day notice for presentations is required.