Personal Counseling

Mental Health Services

We provide confidential, short-term, mental health services to all currently enrolled ETSU students. Services include individual, couple and group sessions, psychiatry (for existing clients), and case management.

Personal counseling and case management are free of charge; psychiatry fees are $10 for the 1st session and $5 for subsequent sessions ($25 for "no shows" and same-day cancellations).

Personal Counseling

People often confuse our services with academic advisement or career guidance. Personal counseling is focused on emotional, psychological, or interpersonal issues. Counselors listen carefully to your concerns and help you reach specific goals. Reaching those goals sometimes means learning new skills, changing behavorial habits, or learning to view a situation differently.

People typically come to counseling because they are struggling with life circumstance, experiencing emotional or psychological pain, dealing with the negative consequences of substance use or behavorial addictions, or wishing to improve their lives in some other way. While people seek counseling for many reasons, some of the common issues addressed in counseling include:

  • Coping with stress
  • Managing anxiety
  • Improving mood and overcoming depression
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Surviving grief and loss
  • Adjusting to college
  • Exploring vocational interests
  • Improving relationships with partners
  • Dealing with emotional trauma (e.g. abuse, assault)
  • Understanding sexual orientation and identity
  • Coping with family and childhood issues
  • Overcoming substance abuse
  • Reducing behavorial addictions (gambling, pornography, internet gaming, etc...)

Most people can benefit from counseling at some time in their lives.  Seeking professional assistance is a sign of good coping skills and intelligence, not a sign of weakness.

The Counseling Process

Intake Session. Arrive during walk-in hours, complete paperwork, and meet with an intake counselor for about 30 minutes to briefly discuss your needs.

First Session. We will call you within a week to schedule a first visit with your personal counselor.

Subsequent Sessions. You and your counselor will arrange subsequent sessions based on your needs.

Final Session. Ending the counseling process is a decision between you and your counselor. If you need to continue your counseling beyond what we can provide, a case manager will help you find services in the community.


We strive to honor and respect your privacy to the full extent allowed by the law. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of counseling most counseling services are confidential. This means that nothing you share with your counselor is revealed to anyone outside the Counseling Center without your consent. We do not disclose names of clients to anyone, including family or Universitty officials, without client consent. There are a few exceptions, however, in which we are required by law to breach confidientiality:

  • Imminent danger to self or others
  • Disclosure of child abuse, elder abuse, or the abuse of another vulnerable adult
  • Court order  

For more information about how we handle client information and about the limitations of confidentiality please contact our front office.

Scope of Practice/Referral Process

Due to limited staffing and resources, there is a limit to the counseling and psychiatric services we can provide. Students who have more severe or chronic psychological or substance use issues that would be best served through long-term therapy and/or ongoing psychiatric care may be referred to outside providers in the community. Case managers are available to assist students with this process.

Making a Personal Counseling Appointment
For new clients, stop by the Counseling Center during our walk-in hours:
Monday - Thursday
10 - 11:30 am & 2 - 2:30 pm
(By appointment if necessary)

To save time, fill out and print intake paperwork in advance.

Informed Consent for Services

Please READ before signing above paperwork:

Notice of Privacy Practices

For returning clients, contact us at the Counseling Center:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4 pm
(Closed for all University holidays)
Getting the Most Out of Your Counseling Session
  • Choose a counselor that you trust.
  • Define your goals.
  • Be an active participant.
  • Be patient with yourself.


Growth takes time, effort, courage, and patience!