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Eligibility & Documentation

Employees of ETSU are urged to contact Disability Services if they require accommodations in the workplace.

In order to establish accommodation  eligibility, the documentation provided must include:

  • Statement of diagnosis, date of most recent evaluation, and when available, date of original diagnosis provided by an impartial professional

  • Description of diagnostic criteria and/or diagnostic tests used

  • Description of the current impact of the disability on the workplace  environment

  • Credentials of the diagnosing professional

  • Documentation of mental health-related diagnoses should not more than one year old

  • Documentation of attention deficit disorders should be no more than three years old

  • Documentation of learning disabilities should be no more than five years old with results based on an adult measurement scale

The diagnosing professional must have specific training and expertise in a field related to the type of disability being diagnosed.  For example, a psychologist, psychiatrist, or educational examiner must make a learning disability diagnosis.  Documentation not including the information outlined above or from a professional whose credentials are not generally indicative of expertise in the specific disability being diagnosed cannot be used to establish eligibility for services.  

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