RA Qualifications

1. Enrollment at ETSU as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in good standing with the University and Department of Housing and Residence Life, with at least one semester of (a) residence on the ETSU campus, or (b) RA experience on another campus.

2. Cumulative grade point average of 2.3 is required, however, a 2.5 is desired. Applicants must show proof of their GPA by attaching a copy of their unofficial transcript to this application.

3. Knowledge of extra-curricular activities and how they provide opportunities for learning and development.

4. Commitment to student growth and the concept that residence halls can facilitate the personal development of residents.

5. Demonstrate outstanding character as determined by a thorough investigation including a national and local criminal background check by the DHRL.

6. Exhibit competence in the following areas:
a. Self-discipline and motivation.
b. Relating well to peers; being a positive role model for others in the academic, social, and on-line components of the University and larger community.
c. Communication skills; time management; and teamwork.
d. Responsible, mature decision-making.
e. Accepting constructive feedback.
f. Knowledge and understanding of student-related resources available on campus.

7. The ability to be flexible, work as a team, organize tasks, prioritize duties, and effectively complete the various components of the RA position, including the following physical requirements: 1) visually assess the community, surroundings, and situations that occur spontaneously and respond appropriately; 2) verbally communicate with staff, residents, and supervisors in casual and crisis interactions; 3) use and operate keys/access cards, elevators, duty phones, and computer systems; 4) access and respond to situations where they occur (i.e. inside student rooms, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, and building lobbies).

8. Once hired, RAs are expected to complete the RA class, Experiences in Residential Living. The course is offered each fall and spring semester.

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