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College can be tough...combining the challenge of studying with the demands of a family or the rigors of a graduate program and any advantage you can gain is a huge help.  For that reason, we reserve a special set of apartments on campus for students who are either married, have a child, or are graduate students (or all of the above!). 

Buccaneer Ridge Phase 5 offers all the conveniences and benefits of living on campus - benefits like proximity to classes and single billing for rent, utilities, cable, and internet access- while balancing the freedom and privacy that you need.  Our facility includes efficiencies and one bedroom apartments and offers a playground and laundry facilities on site.  It's also conveniently located along the BucShot route.  Most of all, living on campus in Buccaneer Ridge Phase 5 means that you will be surrounded by a community of friends with a similar lifestyle to yours so that you can find both the focus and the balance that you need for success.
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