Amenities and Hall Information

Q - Do any of the halls have computer labs and internet access?

A - Lucille Clement Hall has a laptop computer lab available for students to use.  Labs are also available at the DP Culp Center and Sherrod Library.  Hours can be viewed at this link.

All student rooms are equipped with two high speed internet ports so both students can connect to the network with an Ethernet cable. Clement, Luntsford, West, Powell, Nell Dossett, Governors, Centennial, and Buccaneer Ridge phases 3,4, and 5 are equipped with hall specific wireless networks. The rest of campus is wireless via an outdoor wireless mesh network, and penetration of this signal into the residence halls varies by location on campus. 


Q - Are there kitchens in the halls for residents to use? 

A - All halls except Governors have kitchens for the residence hall occupants to use.  Lucille Clement has kitchens on the 1 st, 3 rd, and 4 th floors, Carter hall on 1 st and 3 rd, and the remaining buildings offer a kitchen on each floor.  Those halls offering efficiencies or multiple bedroom apartments have a kitchen in the individual units.

Q - What size are the beds?

A – Beds in all halls except Buccaneer Ridge Apartments are either Twin or Extra Long Twin mattresses. 

Buccaneer Ridge is equipped with Full Size mattresses. 

Stone hall uses the Standard Twin (38”X75”) mattress.  All other buildings use the Extra Long Twin (36” X 80”) size.


Q - What furniture comes in the room?

A – All rooms are equipped with a dresser, bed, and desk for each occupant.  All have a small lavatory sink in the room.  All have built in closets except for Governors, Luntsford, and Davis which offer a large wardrobe for each resident.


Q - Can I bring any other furniture? 

A - Yes, but we encourage you to consult with your roommate and examine the space available to avoid overcrowding your room.  Furniture that poses a health or safety risk or that impedes egress from the building may not be permitted.


Q - Is there storage available for any excess furniture that I don’t need?

A – Unfortunately, the University does not have storage available for excess furniture.  All furnishings that are provided at check-in must remain in the room for the year.


Q – Are the residence halls air-conditioned? 

A – All halls except for Dossett are air-conditioned.  Window fans are allowed and we have found that they are generally sufficient at keeping students comfortable in those buildings without AC.  The cooling season in our region is brief for the period of time that students live in the halls – a few weeks in August/September and a few weeks in April/May – before the heating systems are turned on.

Portable air-conditioners of any kind or window units are not permitted. 


Q – Are my personal belongings insured by the University?

A – The University does not carry insurance on students’ personal property.  You are encouraged to check with your family’s insurance agent to see if you are covered under an existing policy or to secure renter’s insurance.