Applying Assignment

Q - How do I apply?

A - In order to apply for on-campus housing, you will need to complete a housing application and make a $100.00 deposit.  A physical copy of the housing application may be requested by calling or stopping by our office, or by downloading here. You may also complete the application and deposit online here. You may apply for housing at any time; however, the sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting into housing or the hall of your choice. 

Q - When will I receive my room assignment?

A -  Assignments are made according to the date we receive your application and deposit.  Fall assignments begin in April and continue throughout the summer.  After your assignment has been made, you will be sent an email that specifies your hall and room assignment, along with your telephone number, and roommate (if assigned).  Roommate assignments could change without notice.  The email will direct you to a downloadable contract, which will need to be signed and returned by the stated deadline date to the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Q - What if I don’t like my room/hall assignment?

A - If you are unhappy with your assignment, you may request to be placed on a waiting list for the residence hall of your choice after you have confirmed your contract. Your contract will only hold you to a space on campus and will not hold you to your current placement.  To be placed on a waiting list, you will need to send our office a written request that specifies your name, the current date, your roommate preference, and the hall of your choice to .  Your name will be placed on a waiting list based upon the date we receive your request.  You will be notified, when or if, a space becomes available. You will be reassigned to your choice as space becomes available.

Q - May I be on the waiting list for Buccaneer Ridge and Residence Halls at the same time?

A - Because Buccaneer Ridge and the Residence Halls require separate applications and contracts, it is possible to be on a wait list for both.

Q - Are private rooms available?

A -  A limited number of private rooms in all halls are available.  Indicate your desire for a private room on your application or submit a separate written request.

Q - How are roommates assigned?

A - When making roommate assignments, every attempt is made to place you and your requested roommate together, if the request is mutual.  If you do not have a roommate request, the Assignment Coordinators consider smoking habits, classifications, and space available when assigning roommates. 

Q - When will I receive my roommate assignment?

A - Roommate information is provided in the assignment email.  You will receive the roommate’s name and telephone number. Roommates may change frequently throughout the summer due to cancellations.  You will not be notified of this change; however, your new roommate will receive your name and telephone number in his/her assignment letter.