Q - When is the last day to cancel without penalty?

A – Students may cancel their contract on before June 2 with no penalty.  Cancellations received after that date, but before July 31 will forfeit the deposit.  Cancellations after July 31 will be made only through the appeal process and may require full payment.

Q – Under what circumstances may I cancel a contract after July 31?

A – Cancellations under the following circumstances will receive a refund, including the deposit:

             *  The student is prevented from entering the university because
            of medical reasons, confirmed in writing by a licensed physician.

             *  Residence hall or family housing space is not available.

             *  Full refund will be made in case of death.

Cancellations after the semester has begun will be made in cases of withdrawal from the University, based on the dates determined for 75% or 25% refunds, in the case of marriage recognized by the state of Tennessee, or in the case of an Academic Internship or Study Abroad.

All other cancellations will require an appeal.

Q - What is an appeal? How do I appeal? Why do I need to appeal?

A – See the appeals page on this site for details.