Card Access and Keys

Q - What if I lose my key?

A – If you have misplaced your key or ID card, report it immediately to the hall staff.  A temporary key will be issued and your lock changed as quickly as possible.

Q - How much will a new key cost?

A – A rekey of a room typically costs $45.00.

Q - My ID is my key. I lost it and I can’t get a new one until the morning. How do I get in my room?

A – The staff of your residence hall will be able to issue you a temporary access card until you can replace your ID.


Q - My ID is not letting me in my building. Who do I call?

A – First, contact the building on-call staff to let you in and issue you a temporary card.  Then, during business hours, visit the housing office so that we can investigate what the issue is and resolve it.