Fees and Payment

Q - How much does it cost to stay on campus? 

A - The cost of residence halls and apartments can be found here. All utilities including water, electricity, cable, and high speed internet are provided at no additional cost.

Q - Is there an application fee?

A - All applications for housing must be accompanied by a deposit.  The deposit is $100 for the residence hallsand Buccaneer Ridge apartments.  All assignments are made based on date of earliest deposit.

Q - Is my deposit refundable?

A - The deposit is used as a reservation, cancellation and damage deposit. The deposit will be refunded if:

         The institution is notified a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the first official day of registration. The date is determined each  semester according to the first official day of registration for new freshmen and new transfer students.

         The student completes the terms of the contract and moves out at the end of the contract with no billable damages.

         The student is prevented from entering the university because of medical reasons, confirmed in writing by a licensed physician.

         Residence hall or family housing space is not available.

         Full refund will be made in case of death.

Q - How are refunds received?

A - If a refund is due, it is credited to your student Goldlink account.  If no money is due to the university, a refund will be issued either as a direct bank deposit if you have set up an account or as a check.  If money is due to the University for any reason, your deposit will apply to that balance due.

Q - When do I need to pay for my housing, and can I pay my rent monthly?

A - Housing rent is due at the start of the academic term with all other university fees.  Monthly payment plans may be arranged on a case by case basis with the Bursar’s Office.

Q - How can I pay for my housing?

A - Your housing and board fees will appear online on your student Goldlink account.  You may pay online with your other fees or at the cashiers’ windows in the Bursar’s Office.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life does not process payments.

Q - Do I need to pay separate for utilities?

A - No.  Electricity, water, cable, and high speed internet are all included in your residence hall or Buccanneer Ridge fees.  Students should be conscientious and responsible about their utilities use, however, as these costs do affect future rent rates.

Q - Does scholarship/grant money I receive cover my Housing costs?

A - In most cases, yes.  Students should check the details of their specific financial aid to be sure.  Because your deposit is due at the time of application, however, financial aid cannot be used as a deposit .