Q - What holidays do the residence halls close?

A – Residence Halls, with the exception of Buccaneer Ridge, are closed typically during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.

Q - Is there any housing available during these times?

A – Students may stay on campus during breaks at additional cost and must sign up in advance at the Housing office.

Q - Do I need to move everything out if the halls close for a holiday?

A – Unless you are changing rooms between semesters or not returning for the Spring, you may leave your belongings behind during breaks.  There are some regulations on how to prepare your belongings for breaks – eg:  defrosting and unplugging refrigerators, etc. – but in general you may leave whatever you are comfortable doing without.  Be aware that once the buildings are secured for break, you will not have access until they re-open.  Also be aware that facilities and/or hall staff may be present in your room during breaks to perform routine maintenance or to respond to emergencies.