Q - Are there carts available for moving in?

A - There are a limited number of carts available during move-in, available on a first request basis.

Q - Can I move-in early?

A – Students participating in Preview, or serving the University in some approved capacity may be eligible for an early move in.  All other students must move in during the designated opening move-in period.

Q - Can I bring a dolly/handtruck to use?

A – Yes, as long as it can be reasonably and safely used within the halls.

Q - My parents will be helping me move-in. Is there guest housing available?


A – Unfortunately, no.  There are several local hotels nearby; however, depending on whether or not move-in overlaps other local events such as the NASCAR race in Bristol, you may need to make hotel arrangement very early.

Q - Where do we park for move-in? Are the parking lots close to the halls?

A – Parking information will be posted close to the move-in date as it changes each fall.

Q – What should I bring?

General Necessities

Blankets & bedspreads

Twin extra long size sheets & pillow cases

Laundry supplies (detergent, clothes  basket, etc.)

Personal toiletries

Shower curtains for apartments

Wastebasket (UL classified fire resistant)

Shampoo, hair dryer


Glasses (water)

Lamps (bed & desk) (not halogen)

Sewing kit

Cleaning supplies (mop, broom, etc.)

Towels & facecloths

Alarm clock


Garbage bags



Items Nice To Have

Pots & pans

Desk supplies (stapler, paper clips, calendar,  scissors, tacks, glue, pens, & pencils)

TV & stereo with headphones

Food seasoning






Coffee pot

Memo board (for door)


Portable shelves     

Mini-Refrigerator (No  larger than 5 cubic feet)


Multi-plug surge protector (not an extension cord)