Roommate and Room Changes

I met someone that I want to room with, but I already have my assignment. Can I still  request them as a roommate?

Absolutely.  Just send an email to  and make the request.  You will need your roommate’s name and E# and they will need to send in a request as well.  We will make every effort to pair you up with your desired roommate. 

How do I change rooms after school starts? 

Students may request a room change at any time during the semester, but once we have moved students in, we may have difficulty finding available space.  Know that our staff will make every effort to ensure that you have a comfortable living situation that you can be happy with. 

My roommate and I are not getting along. What do I do? 

The first step to a good roommate relationship is completing a Roommate Agreement together – and being as honest and candid as possible in setting expectations.  If things break down, though, there are qualified and trained staff living in the halls who can help.  Talk to your Resident Advisor about any issues you are experiencing that you need help with.  They may be able to help by offering advice, or by setting up a formal roommate mediation.  If these efforts do not work out though, you can always request a room or building change if space is available. 

What happens if my roommate does not show up, or moves out?

Once a semester, typically immediately after the first 14 days of classes, the Department conducts a room consolidation process.  During consolidation students with a vacant space in their room have the option to either move into a vacant space in their building, find a roommate to move in with them, or elect to rent their room as private.  Consolidation is only done by building – not across campus.

After the consolidation process is completed for the term, if you find yourself without a roommate you will not be required to consolidate again; however, you will need to keep the space in your room prepared for a roommate’s arrival at any time.


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