Technology and Communications

Will my tv work with your cable channels?

ETSU Cable TV has recently been upgraded to a fully digital system. Use of a digital TV or a converter box is required to take full advantage of the channel lineup.

If you have a digital TV, you will need to auto program your TV to ensure you are viewing all available channels.

If you have an older analog TV, your TV will only receive the 9 Analog channels listed below unless you purchase a digital-to-analog converter box.

Campus Televideo recommended digital converter box for analog TVs.

Information regarding the auto programming and converter boxes can be found on the Campus Televideo FAQ.

Are the rooms wired for high speed Internet? 

All student rooms are equipped with two high speed Internet ports so both students can connect to the network with an Ethernet cable.


Are the residence halls and apartments wireless? 

 All of our residence halls and apartments are equipped with their own wireless connection. 

    Can I bring a wireless router? 

Personal routers can interfere with the campus wireless network, so they are not allowed.



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