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Students living on campus find a variety of programs and activities provided in their hall or apartment building. Taking part in these events opens the door for residents to get to know each other, make connections with faculty and staff, and, in short, become actively involved with their residential and campus communities.

Many activities are designed simply for having fun. Residents enjoy competing with each other in popular board and card games, such as Chess and Mafia, or testing their wits in games organized by residence hall staff. “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” and “The Roommate Game” are two favorites. 

Educational programs help residents deal with some of the issues of college life. For example, a Crime Prevention program is offered each semester to inform students of safety precautions that help keep them, as well as their belongings, secure. Academic programs organized throughout the academic year enable students to form study groups for a specific class. Other programs offer serious information presented in fun ways. “How to Halt an Assault”, “Sex Bingo”, and “It is Happy Hour” are just a few of entertaining, but important programs.

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