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Community Living

Living on campus at ETSU means that you are a part of something bigger than are a part of the entire community of Buccaneers!  There will be times when you will feel that community on a scale as large as a packed out basketball game, and times when it will feel as close as the friends on your floor sharing a midnight study break over snacks.  Below are  some tips for getting the most out of your community experience in the residence halls!

Meet your neighbors! -  Get outside your door and get to know the folks on your hall.  In the halls with community style baths, this may be easy but in the apartment or private bath buildings it may take a little more effort.  Your Resident Advisor will be a great place to start in helping you meet friends with common interests, or try attending some of the programs and events offered in your hall! 

Be a good neighbor!  - Remember basic mindful of the noise you make and how it impacts all those around you.  Take pride in your hall and help to keep not only your room, but the common areas and bathrooms neat, safe, and clean. 

Communicate!  - While we hope for the best possible experience in all our halls, it's almost inevitable...people living closely together sometimes can bring out the worst in one another.  Talk with your neighbors and roommates openly and respectfully about any concerns you may have.  Work with one another as adults to make your living environment the best you possibly can, and if you need help from the staff don't hesitate to talk with your Resident Advisor or Hall Director. 

Be flexible!  - As with any relationship, how you get along on with your hallmates may take some give and take.  Understand that there may be trade offs or compromises that have to be made and be respectful of others differences. 

Get involved!  - Attend hall meetings and participate in your Hall Council and Residence Hall Association. 

Get outside together!  - Find a group of friends to hang out with outside the halls...a work out group to go to the  Baseler Center for Physical Activity can keep you motivated.  Attend a sports event or a concert or special event with your hall. Did you know that intramural sports have special leagues set up for the residence halls?  If there's an activity you'd like to share, don't be shy about starting it or asking your Resident Advisor for help to get it going.

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