RD Compensation and Conditions

RDs are typically graduate students. They receive a Graduate Assistantship which provides a $6000 stipend and a tuition waiver for nine semester hours for the fall and spring semesters (nine months). They must be enrolled full-time (nine graduate hours) and maintain a 3.0 GPA as well as good standing with the University. Any other employment is not permitted during the academic year. Requests for other employment during the summer will be considered on an individual basis.

RDs and ARDs are provided a furnished living facility with all utilities except long distance calls. They must adhere to University policies and procedures as stated in the Residence Hall Student Handbook and Residence Hall Staff Handbook. Living facilities are for the staff member and spouse/children (marriages must be recognized as legal in the State of Tennessee) only. Any exceptions would have to be approved by the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

RDs are expected to reside in their assigned unit while employed and to maintain presence in the assigned apartment overnight during the week and weekends, except during approved time off. RDs are allowed to be away from their hall five weekends (Friday-Sunday) per semester.

In the event of resignation or termination of contract, the RD or ARD will be required to vacate the assigned apartment/living facility immediately.