RD Job Description

The Resident Director (RD) is a live-in position with a contract of one academic year or one summer term.

RDs are responsible for assisting an Area Coordinator with the management of an area, as well as an assigned facility, and providing on-call coverage as well as other assistance for the campus. RDs report directly to the Area Coordinator assigned to their area. RDs work together and with the DHRL in establishing and maintaining a supportive atmosphere conducive to the personal development and growth of residents and staff.

Specific area/campus duties of the RD include but are not limited to the following:
• Support and assist initiatives such as programs, crisis management, etc. conducted by the University, Division of Student Affairs, and/or DHRL relative to the benefit and needs of residential students and/or facilities
• Rotate weekend on-call duty coverage for campus housing staff. The RD on call checks in with staff in all facilities, provides assistance as needed, refers emergencies to the Area Coordinator on call, etc.
• Provide on-call staff assistance coverage during University breaks and holidays (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.)

• Assist assigned Area Coordinator as needed with general office/daily duties such as:
   o Scheduling, performing, documenting, and providing follow-up for residence hall disciplinary hearings
   o Facility maintenance (reporting/following up on work orders)
   o Building checks
   o Programming
   o Other duties as assigned


Specific duties of the RD within the assigned hall/apartments include but are not limited to the following:

General and Administrative
• Coordinate the opening and closing of assigned facility at the beginning and end of each semester and breaks
• Attend weekly meetings with DHRL and respective Area Coordinator
• Maintain open communication lines with the DHRL through checking hall mailbox on a daily basis, providing updates on problems and concerns, and submitting appropriate reports in a timely manner
• Ensure the timely distribution/posting of facility residents' correspondence and other information
• Review facility duty logs and other reports on a daily basis; provide appropriate follow-up and referral
• Maintain hall office and files including duty schedule, duty logs, laundry refund and Hall Council lockout monies, visitation cards, key and card inventory, and all other forms/information necessary for smooth operation of assigned facility

Staff Supervision and Training
• Schedule, train, supervise, and evaluate the daily work of ARD(s) as assigned
• Provide appropriate and constructive feedback that clearly and frequently defines ARD duties, expectations, and responsibilities
• Prepare/Conduct staff meetings with ARDs as stipulated by supervising Area Coordinator
• Assist with Resident Advisor (RA) recruitment, selection, and training
• Schedule, supervise, and evaluate the daily work of RAs within assigned facility
• Provide appropriate and constructive feedback that clearly and frequently defines RA duties, expectations, and responsibilities
• Prepare monthly reports
• Prepare and conduct weekly scheduled staff meetings for the purpose of disseminating information, planning, and coordinating the work of staff
• Develop effective working relationships with staff through effective leadership, communication, and teamwork
• Conduct weekly room checks of RA rooms and routinely accompany RAs on resident room checks within facility

• Be in tune to student morale, needs, and interests
• Ensure the development and implementation of programming within assigned facility that meets requirements of the DHRL as well as the needs of residents
• Present and develop programming for educational, recreational, and social purposes
• Promote programs that foster community development and assist in promoting the educational experience of residential living
• Assist the DHRL in campus-wide programming initiatives

Management of Physical Facilities
• Work with custodial and maintenance staff on a daily basis to coordinate maintenance requests and follow-up procedures
• Maintain a proactive approach to building damage/vandalism, related discipline, and recording of appropriate charges
• Coordinate and conduct regular facility inspections and fire and tornado drills to properly ensure the health, safety, security, and maintenance condition of the residents and facility
• Maintain key/card access and furnishings inventory

Counseling and Advising Residents
• Maintain a high-level of visibility and availability to both residents and staff
• Act as a source of friendly counsel and a referral to available campus resources for academic, career, or personal concerns
• Conduct individual and group meetings to discuss and review Early Semester Progress Reports and other academic success initiatives

Advising the Hall Council
• Identify and encourage student leaders within the hall to form an active Hall Council
• Conduct Hall Council elections
• Assist Hall Council in goal setting, self-governance, performing officer duties, recognizing programming needs, providing programs for individual floors/hall/campus, developing leadership skills, and overall maintenance of a positive community atmosphere
• Promote resident involvement and participation in Residence Hall Association meetings, events, conferences

Enforcement of Policy and Procedure
• Inform and educate residents regarding community standards
• Enforce and monitor Housing and University policies and procedures (enumerated in the Resident Student Handbook and the Spectrum)
• Conduct individual disciplinary intervention meetings in the hall while making consistent decisions and disciplinary referrals
• Promote a proactive, educational, disciplinary philosophy