RD Selection Process

Selections are based on the application, experience, personal interview, and references.
The selection process for fall semester begins in late April-early May and requires an on-campus interview.

The RD application consists of a departmental form that is submitted along with a resumé and printed copy of the ETSU e-Jobs application. All current and past employment information is required.

The personal interview allows applicants to discuss their application and the RD position with the Associate Director and Area Coordinators.

Current and/or past employers and personal references are contacted for reference checks.

Selection and Notification:
RDs are selected by the Associate Director of Residence Life and Area Coordinators based on the application, experience, references, and interview evaluations.

Applicants will receive decision letters by email. Those selected to fill current openings will be notified that we want to offer them a position. In the event that there are fewer positions than qualified applicants, some applicants will be placed on an alternate list. Applicants on the alternate list can be contacted at any time to fill an opening.