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  2 female students in Centennial   

Sign-ups for the fall 2017-spring 2018  year

happen in February! 

 Snowflake calendar

  • February 6-12 - keep your same room.
    • A confirmation link will be sent to your ETSU email.

  • February 15-16 - move to a different room in your same hall
    • For main campus, please go to the Cave in the fist floor of the Culp Center room 9:00am-4:00pm. For Buccaneer Ridge residents, please go to the Clubhouse. 

  • February 22-23 - change to a different hall
    • All sign-ups for this day will happen in the Cave on the first floor of the Culp Center from 9:00am-4:00pm.

  • February 27-March 3 - open sign-ups
    • Please see our staff in our office. We are located in suite 108 in Burgin Dossett. 


Students who already live on campus do NOT need to make new deposit and application, even if planning to move to Buccaneer Ridge. 

Every effort will be made to honor your hall and roommate preferences. Residents are encouraged to select roommates prior to sign-ups; you can also sign-up to live with someone you know will be enrolling at ETSU next year.

If there is a group of students that would like to live together in an area of Buc Ridge or a Residence Hall, please come see us and we can try to put you all together.

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