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For students living on campus, a variety of avenues exist for individual and group leadership development. Residents may participate in hall councils, the Residence Hall Association, become a part-time employee as an RA or RD, or serve on the Residence Hall Judicial Board.

Hall Councils and RHA

Each residence hall and apartment complex has its own governing hall council, a student organization that allows residents opportunities to express their concerns and interests while developing leadership skills and hosting programs and events for their communities. Joining hall council is a great first step for any student who would like to become involved on campus in their first year or at any point during their time at ETSU. More information about individual councils can be found here  or contact the Resident Director for your hall or complex for more information.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) brings members from each residential area together to create a liaison between residents and the University. With membership consisting of all of the students residing on campus, RHA is one of the largest student organizations on campus. In addition to hosting events on campus, students participating in RHA have opportunities to attend leadership conferences where they can exchange information and ideas with other student leaders from around the country. For more information, visit RHA's official site here .

Resident Advisors and other hall staff work together to create residence hall and apartment communities that create an environment contributing to the intellectual and social development of students. The skills developed in these positions are priceless when students begin applying for that first job in their chosen fields.

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