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Manage My Account

ETSU's ID managing service, Manage My ID, provides the following features:

  • Make deposits directly onto your ID BUC$ or your Dining Dollars
    account with a credit or debit card
  • Current balance check on your ID BUC$ and Dining Dollars debit accounts 
  • View past account activity on all of your plans
  • The ability to report your card as lost or stolen 24/7

     You must create an account to log-in to the Manage My ID system. This is a one time process only, unless your forget your log-in information. When doing this be sure to use your campus ID number which begins with an 'E', the number must be nine (9) characters long (including the 'E'). Your date of birth must be entered exactly like the example. You must register with your actual given name and not your "nickname." It is also best to use your ETSU eMail account as your account e-mail address.

     Once you have created an account and password, you may share it with anyone who wishes to have the ability to view your account activity. The security of this information is your responsibility. You may, of course, change your password at any time. If you loose or forget your password, you can e-mail and we will manually reset your account. Please include your name and E# with your e-mail request.Once your account has been reset, you will need to re-register as a new user.

When checking the balance of your accounts please look for:
General Campus Debit Plan (ID BUC$) = The balance of your ID BUC$ account at that particular time.
Meal Plan Dining Dollars = The balance of your Dining Dollars that come with your Meal Plan and can only be used at on-campus food locations only. 
Pharos Print - Funny Money = The balance of your computer printing fees that is given from your tuition. Each semester this account will be reset to $25.00.

Click here to login to the Manage My ID System

There is a $2.00 transaction fee each time you use the ManageMyID website for a deposit.

*The "Guest Deposit" option on ManageMyID is currently down. You may still deposit through ManageMyID but you must log in to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience.*

You can still get a custom link for guests to use to deposit to your account. Here is how:

Log on to the Manage My ID website. Click the Invite to Deposit option on the left of the screen. You will be given a custom link that you can share with anyone that will take them directly to your account to make a deposit.

 *IMPORTANT NOTICE* Per University policy, we are unable to accept phone deposits. 

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