About Us

Our Vision
To develop and inspire ETSU fraternity men to become involved leaders and citizens who exemplify brotherhood, service, intellectual excellence, and positive social development on our campus and in our communities.

Our Values

Brotherhood- A unique bond built through positive shared experiences and work toward common goals. The relationship is based on support, trust, mutual respect, accountability and integrity. Each brother is an integral member of the Greek community and serves to the benefit and development of self, fraternity, campus, and society.

Service- Contributions of fraternity members to campus, community, and society through philanthropy, volunteerism, and mentoring that promote lifelong civic engagement and responsibility.

Intellectual Excellence- A commitment to academic achievement, critical thinking, and lifelong learning that reflects thoughtful and cognizant consideration of self, others and society.

Positive Social Development- Fostering the development of mature and well-rounded men who establish and nurture healthy relationships, demonstrate respect for self and others, make responsible decisions, possess strong leadership skills, embody high moral character, and positively address societal issues.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at East Tennessee State University takes charge of and preserves the high standards of its 6 member fraternities on campus. All six chapters are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). The Interfraternity Council promotes the interests of fraternities in general, and insures cooperation among the different fraternities on campus. The purpose of this organization shall be to develop and maintain fraternity life and interfraternity relationships.

The IFC promotes the well-being of its member fraternities, educates and develops chapter leaders and regulates standards as defined by the Council and national/international fraternities. IFC strives to improve all fraternities as ETSU by providing services and leadership to all members.

The Council oversees the social aspect of its member fraternities by maintaining an intensive alcohol and risk management policy enforcing such policies. IFC strongly supports such events as Homecoming, Greek Week, All-Greek Mixers, and service to the campus and local community. These functions, as well as many other events sponsored by the individual fraternities, emphasize IFC's commitment to our society and philanthropic endeavors.

Every man who joins a fraternity becomes a member of the Interfraternity Council. IFC unites all fraternity men, regardless of individual affiliation, and aims to strengthen their values and establish common goals between its members. The ETSU Interfraternity Council serves as a governing board for fraternities at ETSU. Our recruitment theme is "Building Leaders for Tomorrow."

Just by trying Greek life and participating in recruitment, you will discover what Greek life has to offer. Greek life gives you a chance to meet new people, make new friends, and have a smoother transition to the new college atmosphere.

IFC Member Organizations:

Kappa Sigma

Lambda Chi Alpha

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Beta Rho

Sigma Chi

Sigma Phi Epsilon