Who To See--Featured Guests

We're so excited to announce our Guest Lineup for ETSU-Con 2016!

Here it is folks! It's our first round of guest announcements!

We are happy to welcome back Aki Glancy, an American Vocaloid, UTAU Producer, and designer and Illustrator of the Celtic Pop Vocaloid “AVANNA”, back to ETSU-Con this year. Check out her work on her YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/kLR0AV

 Aki Glancy

 Next, we have Csenge Zalka, author of "Tales of Superhuman Powers: 55 Traditional Stories from Around the World" (which you can buy here:http://goo.gl/5VLL7L ) and has a Storytelling Master's Degree from East Tennessee State University. Csenge recently announced that she is publishing a collection of Hungarian Folktales, and we are excited to have her as a guest!

 Csenge zalka

 We are also excited to announce that voice actress Colleen Clinkbeard will be at ETSU-Con 2016! Maybe you know her from Fullmetal Alchemist as Riza Hawkeye. Perhaps you know know her as Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic, but you will definitely know her as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece (which is really great if you got One Piece merch signed at Yama-Con)!

 Colleeen Clinkbeard

Next we have Jeremy Clark, a comic book artist who specializes in inking. He owns Uncharted industries and has been bridging the gap between comic books and video games since 2010.He has worked on multiple projects with Marvel and DC as well! If you are interested in seeing some of his work, visit his website! http://www.jeremyclarkart.com/bio/

Jeremy CLark

 Another exciting addition to ETSU-Con is Cosplay Kasterborous is a (mainly) Doctor Who themed group. They bring a to-spec TARDIS and Dalek based on the design from the Classic Doctor Who episode Destiny of the Daleks to conventions. They also bring very accurate costumes from the show and interact with con-goers as the character they are portraying, as well as give several panels based in multiple genres, not exclusively Doctor Who.


  Last, but certainly not least, this year we are bringing you guys a unique group of professional cosplayers! The group is composed of BattleCat cosplay, The Real Redneck Geek and Laura Cupcake Cosplay! Battlecat Cosplay was featured on Season 2 of Days Til DragonCon. A twelve week web-series about preparing cosplays for Dragoncon 2015. The Real Redneck Geek won Southern Cospitality's Prop Maker of the Year for 2013. Also Laura Cupcake Cosplay won 3rd place in cosplay at the Nashville expo! They will be holding panels at the con as well as handing out free autographed prints! 


 All of these guests and more will be at ‪#‎ETSUCON2016‬! Get hyped and stay up to date with the latest announcements by following us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!


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