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ETSU Sustainability


The mission of the ETSU Department of Sustainability is to develop and provide support for sustainability initiatives within the campus and community in order to cultivate a thriving culture of sustainability throughout operations, research, education, community service, and student life.


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When referring to sustainability and its relation to a college or university campus, it is the development of a process or management system that helps to create a vibrant campus economy and high quality of life while respecting the need to sustain natural resources and protect the environment.According to the Brundtland Commission's 1987 report, sustainable development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This means that the social, economic, and environmental systems that are in place at the present will not detract from the resources, quality of life, and capital that are available to people in the future.

To put it simply, sustainable practices nurture, fortify, and uphold HEALTHY PEOPLE on a HEALTHY PLANET.

ETSU Sustainability works to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of campus life, and endeavors to inspire students, faculty, and staff to incorporate sustainability into their work, research, and daily habits. 





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