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Ways Friends & Family Can Help

It is thought that the number one predictor of successful coping is an effective support system. That is why it is SO important for friends and family to be positive and understanding when their loved one is trying to quit.  You can expect your friend or family member to have physical withdrawal symptoms--and she might be irritable for the first few days too.  Remember this is not directed at you, but it is just a side effect of feeling withdrawal.  Be supportive and remind her why she wants to quit.  Reassure her that withdrawal symptoms are short term, will be over soon, and are worth going through to get the rewards of quitting!  Encourage her on her mission. 

If you are a smoker, QUIT with her!  You can give each other support and go through quitting together.  If you are not yet ready to quit, still encourage her and DO NOT smoke around her or tempt her by having cigarettes around.  Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as firsthand smoke.  She is making a healthy choice to quit for herself and her baby and if others smoke around her, it could undermine her success. 

Take it outside!

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