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Preparing to Quit


Now that you know HOW and WHY you can quit smoking, take a look at what you can do in the days leading up to your quit date.

Remember the 5 R's:

REMOVE all ashtrays and cigarettes

REVIEW your quit plan

REHEARSE your smoking alternatives

RECALL your triggers and new coping skills

REWARD yourself regularly for all of your successes!

Take It Day by Day:
The 5-Day Countdown to Quitting

5 Days Before Your Quit Date

  • Think about your reasons for quitting
  • Tell your friends and family you are planning to quit
  • Stop buying cigarettes

4 Days Before Your Quit Date

  • Pay attention to when and why you smoke
  • Think of other things to hold in your hand instead of a cigarette
  • Think of habits or routines to change

3 Days Before Your Quit Date:

  • Think about what you will do with the extra money when you stop buying cigarettes
  • Think about who you will reach out to when you need help

2 Days Before Your Quit Date

  • Think of how you will reward yourself
  • Remember your ways to relieve stress and cope

1 Day Before Your Quit Date

  • Throw away lighters and ashtrays
  • Throw away ALL cigarettes and matches
  • Clean your clothes to get rid of the cigarette smoke


  • Keep very busy

  • Remind family and friends that this is your quit day

  • Stay away from alcohol

  • Give yourself a treat

Welcome to a smoke-free life!

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