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What to Expect from Participating

At your very first prenatal appointment, your smoking cessation coach (either your physician, nurse, or TIPS case manager) will go through the 5 A's with you:

ASK you about your current smoking status

ADVISE you to quit and provide information on how beneficial quitting is

ASSESS your willingness to quit...and, when you say yes to quitting,

ASSIST you with finding resources and making a plan to quit

ARRANGE for follow ups to help you follow through and QUIT for good!

* If you decide to quit smoking, you are taking a HUGE step toward better health for you and your baby! *

  You can receive smoking cessation coaching without participating in TIPS, but we would certainly appreciate your help in gathering information about the best ways to help pregnant women quit. By participating, you would fill out a set of forms at different times during your pregnancy and after you deliver.

To save you time and to keep you from having to make extra trips to the office, we are hopeful that you can fill out the forms when you come in for your regular check-ups with your doctor. However, if you would rather schedule a separate time, we are very willing to do so.

**By participating you can earn up to $110 and you you will receive reimbursement EACH time you volunteer your time for TIPS. It's our way of saying: THANK YOU!**

After delivery, with your permission, we would collect information from your medical chart about your health, your baby's health, and your delivery. Of course, you would never be identified or linked to this information in any way-- your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us!

In addition, you can always expect your smoking cessation coach.......

  • to be understanding
  • to listen to your concerns and challenges, helping you overcome them
  • to provide information, helpful tips, and resources to help you quit
  • to answer any questions you might have
  • to be there every step of the way--even  if you need to call outside of your regular visits for support or reminders of why you decided to quit

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