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Information Provided at Your TIPS Visits

During your TIPS visits, your smoking cessation coach will provide you with tips on how to:

  • make your plan to quit, with specific ideas to help you along
  • cope with withdrawal symptoms and slip ups
  • follow through with your plan so you remain smoke free

Your coach is knowledgeable and a very good resource for times when you might have questions or need guidance.  He/She can tell you what to expect as you go through this process so you will know what lies ahead.

If you would like some handouts to take home, those can also be provided. Informational handouts are available about smoking cessation, community resources, mood and anxiety symptoms, general pregnancy expectations, alcohol and drug abuse.  All you have to do is ask!

Please take a look at our Step-by-Step Guide for Pregnant Women: Finding New Strength for You and Your Baby: TIPS for Becoming Smoke-Free. It is full of wonderful information to assist you on your mission to quit!

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