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Q: Why do I (or my relative) need Learning Support?

A: You are required to have Learning Support if you do not meet certain sub-scores on your ACT/SAT/Compass scores.  Learning Support is a program that fully embeds academic support with key general education courses in areas where the student needs support.

Q: I am required to take the Compass test.  Do I have to take it on the ETSU campus?

A: No.  You may try to contact a community college or testing center closer to your location and see if they offer the Compass test or an equivalent placement test.  If so, you may take it there and send us a copy of the results.

Q: If I retake the ACT (or other placement test) and do better in Math but not on Reading, what score will you take?

A: For Learning Support purposes, we will take the best sub-score in each area to use for your Learning Support placement, so it is in your advantage.

Q: Are there Learning Support courses offered online?

A: Unfortunately, Learning Support courses are only offered on campus.


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