Online SAI How To’s for Faculty

When student assessment of instruction (SAI) surveys open each term, CoursEval, ETSU's online SAI system, sends personalized emails to students.  The notification email provides a link to the student's CoursEval portal, which displays only the SAIs he or she need to complete.  It also explains that students can access SAIs through course sites in D2L.  Students typically will have a two-week window in which to complete their SAIs (a shorter period will apply in summer and winter terms).  Students will receive reminder emails every three days.

How to help students access their CoursEval surveys

  • From the CoursEval notification email:  Tell students to open the link in the email and log in using their ETSU username and password (the ones they use to access ETSU email/Goldlink).
  • From D2L:  Tell students to log in to D2L; they'll find a link to the SAI survey for each course in the site for the course.

How to check SAI response rates for your courses

When the online SAI surveys open, CoursEval will send you an email with a hyperlink to your CoursEval portal.

How to encourage strong survey response rates

  • Urge your students to complete the SAI for your course; make it clear that you really want them to do so.
  • Explain to students how you use SAI results; for instance, show them how you used result from a previous term to improve the course students are taking with you now.
  • Frequently remind students to complete their SAIs during the period when the surveys are open.
  • Consider having students complete SAIs in class using mobile devices.

How to have students complete SAIs in class using mobile devices

  • Online SAIs are mobile device-friendly.  CoursEval recognizes when a student is answering a survey on a mobile device and displays the survey in a format suited to small touch screens.
  • Announce beforehand when your students will complete the SAI for your course in class, using mobile devices; ask them to bring a smart phone or tablet with them that day.
  • Urge students who don't own mobile devices to complete the SAI on any computer with internet access.
  • On the day when student will complete the SAI in class, instruct them to log in to D2L and go to your course site.  (Even if you don't use D2L in your course, it has a D2L site.)
  • Instruct students to open the link to the SAI and complete the survey.  They won't need to log in again to open the survey; it will open immediately.
  • You may want to reassure students that although they are completing the survey via D2L, their responses are completely anonymous, and you won't be able to see class results until after final grades are in.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes for students to complete the survey; remember it has six open-ended questions for which they can write answers.
  • Once you've confirmed that all students have accessed their surveys, either remain silent or leave the room.

To get help with online SAIs, contact your college SAI coordinator.

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