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ETSU's Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) process helps faculty adjust and improve their teaching in light of students' perceptions and experiences in courses. Both the Tennessee Board of Regents and ETSU require all faculty with teaching assignments to participate in SAIs, and faculty applying for tenure or promotion must provide SAI data.

In fall 2013 ETSU begins online administration of student assessment of instruction (SAIs) in undergraduate and graduate courses. We have contracted with ConnectEdu to use its CoursEval system to host our SAI process.

Benefits of online SAIs for students, faculty and staff:

• Online course evaluations are completely anonymous.

• Students can complete SAIs on their own computers or mobile devices and in ETSU computer labs.

• Faculty and administrators will receive SAI data two days after the deadline for submitting final grades.

• Faculty and administrators will have continuous access to SAI results from all previous terms in which ETSU administered SAIs online.

• Online SAIs save countless hours of work by department executive aides, deans' offices, and other staff.


Online SAI Coordinator Contact:

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Sarah Knapp, Executive Aide

(423) 439-5671 

College of Business of Technology (CBAT)
Laura Cooper, Executive Aide

(423) 439-4257 

College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health and Sciences (CCRHS)
Dianne Pittarese, Office Coordinator

(423) 439-7454 

College of Education (COE)
Margaret Carr, Office Coordinator

(423) 439-7616 

College of Nursing (CON)
Sheila Smith, Associate Dean/Professor

(423) 439-4399

College of Public Health (CPH)
Janet Stork, Executive Aide

(423) 439-4243 

School of Continuing Studies (SCS)
Lori Yeager, Executive Aide

(423) 439-4223

ETSU's CoursEval (CE) Manager