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Important: Tutoring sessions can be scheduled in 45 or 60 minute blocks, but the actual session lengths are 40 and 50 minutes, to allow tutors time for paperwork and a short break between clients.

Spring 2015 Tutoring Schedule

(January 26 - April 30, excluding University holidays)

By Appointment Tutoring (Most Academic Subjects)

Mondays - Thursdays 9:00 am
9:00 pm
Fridays 9:00 am
3:00 pm
Saturdays  CLOSED  
Sundays  3:00 pm
 9:00 pm
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Other tutoring resources on campus:

Economics & Finance Lab:

Accounting Lab:

Student Support Services:

Humphreys Center (for student athletes):

Private tutor referral: email for list of private tutors

Call 439-7111 to speak to someone in our office.

About appointments:

1) Individual appointments are limited to one appointment per subject, per day. If you self-schedule, you will find that you can only register for one appointment per day; if you need help with more than one subject (not assignment -- subject; e.g. psychology and chemistry; two different writing assignments will have to be addressed in two appointments, each on separate days), call our office and schedule your appointment over the phone.

2) Currently, you can make appointments up to two weeks in advance, but semester-long standing appointments are available for a) students who have been designated as requiring Learning Support; b) students who are registered with our school’s Disability Services office (and the appointment request has to come through the DS office); or c) students who are requesting help in a course that they have previously either failed or are required to retake for a higher grade due to their major requirements. If you fit into any of those descriptors, contact our Director, , so that he can confirm these details via Goldlink and approve your recurring appointments.

Drop-in/Group Tutoring Schedule: