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Individual Tutoring

To view the Individual Tutoring schedule, click here.

Important Information

  • Monday, May 15th will be the first day of tutoring for the Summer 2017 term.
  • Summer hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm. 
  • To watch a video explaining how to register for tutoring and make an appointment, click here.
  • If all appointment times are filled for the subject you need, get on the Waiting List.

Appointment Limits

Individual appointments are limited to one appointment per subject, per day. If you self-schedule, you will find that you can only register for one appointment per day; if you need help with more than one subject (not assignment -- subject; e.g. psychology and chemistry; two different writing assignments will have to be addressed in two appointments, each on separate days), call our office and schedule your appointment over the phone (439-7111).

Recurring Appointments

Any registered client can make appointments up two weeks in advance, but weekly recurring appointments are available throughout the semester for a) students who have been designated as requiring Learning Support; b) students who are registered with our school’s Disability Services office (the appointment request has to come through the DS office); or c) students who are requesting help in a course that they have previously either failed or are required to retake for a higher grade due to their major requirements. For more information see our Learning Services Coordinator, , or our Director, , so they can confirm these details via Goldlink and approve your recurring appointments.

Our Expectations for Tutors and Clients

For tutoring to be a worthwhile experience for both the client and the tutor, it is important that both participants acknowledge the fact that a successful tutoring session requires active participation from both parties. Below are the CFAA's expectations for both tutors and clients.

CFAA Tutors are expected to ...

  • Tutor students in academic subjects or skills using approaches that address students' learning needs and encourage them to become independent learners.
  • Create and maintain a supportive learning environment by displaying a professional, caring, and positive attitude.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of client information, including test grades or scores, and any personal information or problems clients might share, unless the client is in imminent danger. Mutual confidence and trust are necessary as part of a successful tutoring experience for the client and the tutor.
  • Encourage disciplined work and study habits.
  • Assist under-prepared students by being resourceful and providing them with the tools they need, if they are available, but also by encouraging them to be better prepared for their next tutoring session. We have copies of some course texts, as well as calculators, pencils, and scratch paper for the use of tutors and clients who fail to bring the necessary materials to the session.
  • Help clients determine their learning preferences and adapt their learning processes accordingly.
  • Encourage independence. Tutors do not do assignments for students. Clients should have at least attempted to complete their homework and studied independently before coming to the tutoring session.
  • Encourage clients to focus on learning how to learn. Improving clients' overall study skills is part of the tutoring process.
  • Be specific when discussing "next steps" while wrapping up the tutoring session.

Tutoring Clients are expected to know that ...

1) The tutor will not do my work for me. The tutor's job is to assist me in mastering course material and developing my skills by providing examples, asking questions, pointing out areas for improvement, engaging in a dialogue about my subject matter, and/or discussing study strategies and techniques.
2) The tutor is not responsible for my grade; the tutor is also not able to forecast the grade my instructor will give me.
3) While I may request a specific tutor, I am not guaranteed to be able to work with him or her every time.
4) Even when I have booked an individual appointment, my appointment may be combined with that of another student if we are working on the same subject matter and additional tutors are not available.
5) I will come to my session adequately prepared, with necessary materials, and take an active role in the session.
6) My tutoring session will last no longer than the scheduled time and may be shortened to accommodate students with appointments if no other staff members are available.
7) Learning is a process that takes time and consists of numerous stages. In order to make the best use of the CFAA's tutoring services, I should visit early and often.
8) I am aware that I am limited to one tutoring session per subject per day and no more than seven sessions per subject per week.
9) If I schedule an appointment, it is my responsibility to call and cancel or re-schedule if I can't make it; after two missed appointments, I will be blocked from making new appointments. I can appeal this block in person to the Learning Services Coordinator (Sherrod Library room 126).
10) I  am expected to evaluate each session I participate in, online or on paper, in order to provide the CFAA with necessary feedback for improving tutoring services.

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