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Facilitated Study Tables

Facilitated Study Tables are an excellent option for students seeking tutoring assistance in high-demand courses.  Study Tables are an effective form of group tutoring where an experienced tutor leads an hour-long review/study/Q & A session for a specific course.  Topics covered during a session are determined by suggestions and questions of attendees.  After the tutor's hour is up, students are encouraged to continue working and studying together in the reserved space.  The tables allow students to receive guidance from a tutor, but also help students develop their own connections and study groups with classmates.  Benefits of Study Tables include:

  • No appointment needed to attend
  • Guidance from an experienced tutor
  • Opportunity to review and study at a set time each week
  • Dedicated space for students enrolled in the same class to work together
  • Ability to build connections with classmates and develop study groups
  • Like all CFAA services, study table help is free! 


The Study Table schedule for Fall 2017 will be posted the first week of classes. 



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