How do I put my tests in D2L?

Academic Technology Support (ATS) offers workshops on creating Assessments as well as other resources for faculty using D2L. For information on workshops go to the D2L Workshops page  or contact Myra Jones, Director of Academic Technology at . You can also download a detailed guide to Creating Assessments in D2L.

How can I arrange to have Testing Services proctor tests for me?

PLEASE review these instructions as faculty and policy have changed: Read about faculty responsibilities regarding test proctoring here, then fill out the Test Request Form in full. Note that we will need more than just your ETSU contact information; we also ask for an alternative email address and home or cell phone. Since students will be able to take their tests whenever Testing Services is open, including mornings and evenings, we may need to reach you if there is a serious technical problem that only the instructor of record can correct.

Does Testing Services only proctor exams on computer?

At this time, Testing Services only proctors computer-based, online tests created in D2L by ETSU instructors. These tests must meet certain requirements in terms of security and access as well. You can download the information regarding proper security settings; we will email you additional security information after your test dates have been approved.

Can I arrange for make-up tests for my students?

Testing Services will also proctor make-up tests, but only for tests created in D2L. To request proctoring for a make-up test, fill out the Make-Up Request Form in full.

Will Testing Services proctor final exams?

Testing Services does not currently proctor exams for ETSU courses during finals week.

What if a technical problem occurs while my students are taking a test?

If a technical problem occurs when your students are testing and the problem cannot be resolved by Testing Services staff, we will try to contact you (this is why home contact information is required on the test request form) you first. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, we will work with you to make arrangements for the affected students. Those arrangements may include adding an additional day of testing or scheduling a make-up session.

Can I send my students over to take an exam during the class period?

Our test proctoring service was created so that faculty and students could have more class time for instruction. So, although we try to honor all requests for test proctoring, we give low priority to requests to administer tests during scheduled class periods. Other requests that receive low priority include:

  • Requests received less than two weeks before preferred test date.
  • Requests to proctor tests lasting longer than one hour.
  • Requests to reserve blocks of seats (e.g., so everyone in a class may test together). Faculty or departments making such requests must provide proctors to oversee students during the reserved time, if approved.
  • Requests from faculty who have used testing services in the past and did not follow through on their responsibilities.
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