Instructor Resources

This page is primarily for the ETSU 1000 instructors. You'll find ideas for class activities, links to useful websites and prompts for discussion, organized by the "basics" we cover in class. If a link is bad or if you have information you'd like to share, please contact the .

Ice breakers and other opening activities

Course information and expectations

ETSU Pride and Engagement

E-Wisdom (thank you Dr. Alison Barton for the term!)

Professors and other important people

Academic Success

Study Strategies

Test Taking

Advising and General Education

Learning Styles and strategies

Successful students

Using Campus Resources


Priorities, Commitment, & Discipline


Time Management

Goal Setting

Money Management

Major/Career Exploration

Diversity & Civility

Health and Wellness

Wrapping up

Other great sources:

Video clips

Shift happens

Stand by me (teamwork)

Susan Boyle (goals and assumptions

Nick Vijicic (adversity)

Venus explains the Atom (learning styles)

Lost Generation (palindrome in video)

212 (effort)

A class divided (the blue eyes/brown eyes experiments)

clip from the movie Crash (diversity)

Critical Thinking video (warning: vulgar word in the very beginning)

ETSU 1000 students - who are they? - From Dr. Epps' spring 2012 section


Links to Chris Dula's Study Skills videos: